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    Our Mission

    Indo American Academy of Classical Music (IAACM) LLC proudly presents Our mission is to provide a very high standard education for South Indian Classical music., though a commercial venture, is based on the principles of excellence, dedication and service to the cause of Indian Classical Music. On this site, South Indian Flute & Vocal Lessons will be imparted to those who have the yearning for, ability and devotion to pursue this art, with the objective of reaching a very high level of proficiency. The lessons for vocal & flute are taught by Flute Raman & other top artists. Students of other instruments such as Violin, Mridangam, Veena can also benefit tremendously from this service by accompanying any available lesson in their instrument of choice. This site can also serve as a highly valuable resource for students and teachers of various Indian Dance forms, as it will also feature many dance repertoires such as Pushpanjali, Jathiswaram, Varnam, Thillana etc.

    If you have the aptitude and the determination to put in the effort and practice on a regular basis, you can certainly learn all you desire, at your own pace and convenience.

    My Pledge:

    I, Raman Kalyan, the founder president of Indo American Academy of Classical Music pledge to teach this art to students with commitment to learn with total devotion; I will do so by sharing its nuances and subtleties, the very hard-earned 'secrets' of this art form, without any reservation whatsoever.

    Raman Kalyan

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